Co-production throughout the project

Children and young people will be involved throughout the project providing their views, experiences and co-producing the guidance. SCIE’s has a commitment to co-production. With co-production, people’s skills, knowledge and assets are taken into account and used by services to constantly improve.

Children and young people who have direct experience of being looked after, and of current mental health and emotional wellbeing support, are the best people to let the Expert Group know which issues matter most from their perspectives. This will ensure that whatever is produced by the project is accessible and useful and will make a practical difference in the future.

There are four young people on the Expert Group as full members.

From autumn 2016, we will be recruiting a group of young people aged 16+ to take part in up to four workshops during the course of the project. The workshops will explore specific issues and questions arising from the project as it develops, and will make recommendations to the Expert Group.

Are you interested in being involved in these workshops? Please email Andrew Parkinson and we will be in touch.

We are also planning a young people’s stakeholder event in 2017.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear your responses to these questions:

Email Andrew Parkinson with your feedback and let us know your age, length of time in care, and which services you used.