Using ICT in activities for people with dementia

A short guide for social care providers

This is a short introduction to using information and communication technology (ICT) in activities for people with dementia. It is aimed at managers and staff in the care sector, and those who organise activities for people with dementia. It's a plain language guide about using mainstream technologies – you don't need to be technically minded. We hope it will be useful for you whether you are new to this topic or already have some experience of using ICTs in dementia support.


Research: Sara Dunn (Sara Dunn Associates), Ben Hicks and Linda Miller (Institute for Employment Studies).

Advisers: Norman Alm (University of Dundee), Jennifer Bernard (SCIE), Alexander Braddell (Braddell Associates), Andrea Capstick (University of Bradford), Anthea Innes (Bournemouth University Dementia Institute), Tim Lloyd-Yeates (Alive!), Aba Maison (Lasa), Deborah Miranda (Alzheimer’s Society), Chris Nugent (University of Ulster), Ross Oldfield (SCIE), Nada Savitch (Innovations in Dementia), Verity Stokes (South Warwickshire Foundation Trust).

Thanks to the care managers and staff who reviewed the guide: Karen Bryant, Ian Day, Domenica Hall, Christine Laurence, Rebecca Skinner, Nicola Taylor, Nicole Trinder, Rhyanne Walker, Deborah Williams.