Better Care Fund support

SCIE provides support to develop and implement Better Care Fund plans including access to experienced consultants on integrating social care and health systems and practical resources.

We are currently working in partnership with KPMG and PPL on support to develop Better Care Fund plans for 2016/17.

Delayed transfers of care: signposting resource

The transfer of care – from hospital to home, or between any other part of the system – represents major pinch points where services and processes often struggle to be truly integrated around the needs of individuals.

The Better Care Fund is being used to leverage system-wide integration, including improving local areas’ approaches to managing delayed transfers of care (DTOC).

The Better Care Fund framework and guidance now includes a new national condition which requires local areas to:

A new resource signposts BCF leads to useful resources to support the development of the delayed transfers of care plans within the BCF plans for 2016/17.

It takes a person-centred, whole-systems approach and includes:

Delayed transfers of care: signposting resource (March 2016)

This forms part of the work commissioned by the Better Care Support Team from KPMG, SCIE and PPL.

If BCF leads have any questions or further support needs related to DTOC or BCF, they should contact their Better Care Manager (BCM).

Risk sharing: Quick guide

Risk sharing is a management method of sharing risks and rewards between members of a group by distributing gains and losses on a pre-determined basis.

A new guide has been produced to supplement information in the 2016/17 Better Care Fund Policy Framework and Technical Guidance Annex 4. It provides practical guidance that can be applied immediately.

This guide provides advice on how to meet the risk-sharing requirements of the Better Care Fund. It covers the specific risk shares associated with improving out-of-hospital services, reducing non-elective admissions and delayed transfers of care. It highlights that these risks are best mitigated and shared in the context of a system-wide approach to risk management.

Risk sharing: Quick guide (March 2016)
Risk sharing: webinar presentation (14 March 2016)

Key changes in 2016/17

A short guide to the key changes to the Better Care Fund in 2016/17, including:

Better Care Fund – What has changed in 2016/17 ( March 2016)

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