Better Care Fund support and guidance

Better Care Fund masterclasses, webinars, events and planning guidance for local BCF leads, and contacts for Better Care Support Team

Better Care Masterclasses, webinars and networking events: Feb – March 2017

NHS England has commissioned SCIE and partners PPL to provide a range of BCF implementation support in early 2017. This includes:

Further details to follow.

Better Care Fund planning guidance 2016/17

NHS England has published the policy framework and plan requirements on the Better Care Fund plans for 2016/17.

Better Care Implementation Support Programme 2015/16

The Better Care Implementation Support Programme, which ran to April 2015, helped areas to overcome the barriers to the successful implementation of the Better Care Fund plans across England. The focus of this phase was on practical implementation support to deliver better care for the local population.

SCIE was one of the partners that successfully bid to deliver the programme, on behalf of NHS England, alongside KPMG, PPL and the Berkeley Partnership.

The Better Care Implementation Support Programme provided expert, practical support to health and wellbeing boards, BCF leads and all of the partners responsible for delivering the local BCF plans. This included local authorities, NHS trusts, clinical commissioning groups, primary care, care providers, local Healthwatch and other service user and carer groups.

The support included:

The Better Care Support Team

The Better Care Support Team is made up of NHS England, Department of Health, Department for Communities and Local Government, and the Local Government Association

For more information visit NHS England Better Care Fund Planning.

If you have any queries, please contact the Better Care Support Team at:

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