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  • End of life care - survey on terminology 20 January 2014Open

    The terms ‘palliative’ and ‘end of life care’ are widely used but don’t always mean the same thing to people. SCIE are working with the National Council for Palliative Care to explore what people from social care, health and the general public think and feel when they hear the two terms. The feedback that we get will be used anonymously to improve the way we talk to and with people and their families about death and dying. We would be delighted if you were able to take a couple of moments to complete our online questionnaire to give us your thoughts on the terms ‘palliative’ and ‘end of life care.’ Your details will not be kept on file.

  • Access to GPs 15 January 2014Open

    The body that represents independent care providers, Care England, has re-investigated the practice of GPs charging retainers to work with care homes. Original research showed this was a widespread. The new investigation suggests the practice is still going on.

    This report is so important because it highlights where improvements need to made in the relationship between GPs and care homes. SCIE has a new resource called: GP services for older people: a guide for care home managers. Care home and nursing home residents have the same rights as the rest of the population to access the full range of general medical services, yet evidence suggest that many residents are unable to access GP services. We encourage all staff in care homes to have clear lines of communication with GPs, so that people who live there can have a better quality of life, with good access to a GP.

    SCIE's Chief Executive, Tony Hunter

  • Dementia G8 Summit: research into care and support as important as medical resea 11 December 2013Open

    SCIE Dementia Gateway relaunched and new partnership between SCIE and Salford Institute for Dementia announced. On the day of the G8 Dementia Summit, the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) is calling on G8 members to focus on research into supporting people with dementia, as well research into the causes of dementia.

    G8 members must remember the essential role of social care and support for people with dementia, their family and friends. Research and guidance in this area is as crucial as medical research into the causes of dementia.

    SCIE's Chair, Lord Michael Bichard

  • G8 Dementia Summit 11 Dec 09 December 2013Open

    The UK is hosting a G8 summit on dementia in London on 11 December. The summit aims to develop co-ordinated global action on dementia.

  • GP services for older people: a guide for care home managers 05 December 2013Open

    Care home and nursing home residents have the same rights as the rest of the population to access the full range of general medical services, yet evidence suggest that many residents are unable to access GP services. A new guide from SCIE, with a foreword from Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, sets out the steps that care home managers and GPs should take, in areas such as record-keeping, medications management and monitoring resident feedback.

    The health and wellbeing of older people in care homes depends on them accessing GP services in a timely way. The GP’s main relationship should be with the resident rather than the home; but, to achieve good results, care homes need to make sure that they are working effectively with GPs.

    SCIE's Chair, Lord Michael Bichard

  • Carers' rights day 29 November 2013Open

    SCIE supports the importance of getting information to carers. Every year more than two million people take on caring responsibilities, many of whom will be under pressure and bewildered by the complex systems they have to deal with. It is critical that carers get the support they need and deserve, and that information comes from credible and trusted sources. The carers pages on our website have lots of information about carers' rights and how services can support them. Our website, Find Me Good Care, is an invaluable source of advice and guidance that carers can turn to when they need reliable information. It’s also important to involve carers as equal partners in the development of services; our co-production pages can help.

  • SCIE victory at Older People in the Media awards 20 November 2013Open

    Last night, our Social Care TV film "Getting to know the person with dementia" won its category (Best factual new media) at the Older People Media Awards 2013 (Twitter hashtag #opma2013). The entry was up against strong competition. Gavin and Stacey/ Eastenders star Larry Lamb handed the award to three of the film’s contributors; Ian, Harry and Roy; along with Lynda Hughes, Forget Me Not Centre and Swindon Later Life Therapy Team Manager. They were delighted with the victory and SCIE’s Chair Lord Michael Bichard has sent his congratulations to the contributors. Other categories saw awards and nominations go to high-profile media outlets such as Panorama, the Guardian and the Times.

  • SCIE support for NHS Change Day 2014 06 November 2013Open

    SCIE calls on all social care organisations to pledge their support for NHS Change Day 2014. Our chair has made his pledge already.

    I pledge that the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) will make supporting integrated care and health a priority. We will provide practical support and resources to tackle the barriers to effective integration, ensure our work focuses on the outcomes that individuals want, and work in partnership with our NHS colleagues.

    Lord Michael Bichard, Executive Chair, SCIE

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