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  • Technology success for SCIE scheme 05 July 2012Open

    Seventy-five thousand service users and over 80,000 carers and staff in adult social care now have better access to digital technology. This is thanks to the Get Connected investment project, which has had significantly positive outcomes for all involved. The £12 million initiative has improved access and use of digital technology in adult social care; it was funded by the Department of Health and managed by SCIE.

    It would be great if these improved levels of access to technology could be offered and sustained in every adult social care service, so that everyone uses it as a matter of routine

    SCIE's Chief Executive, Andrea Sutcliffe

  • ADASS personal budgets report - SCIE response 21 June 2012Open

    ADASS survey: The use of personal social care budgets has risen by nearly 40%

    Today’s news is encouraging and important. People who use services can benefit from personal budgets to access the care and support that’s individual to them. The report explains that, as of March this year, half of people eligible for personal budgets were using them to arrange their care. This shows that councils in England are making progress in putting policy into practice.

    SCIE’s Chief Executive, Andrea Sutcliffe

  • Carers Week - SCIE statement 18 June 2012Open

    SCIE response to Carers Week survey

    Carers demand so little and deliver so much. As the Carers UK survey demonstrates, carers want to keep on caring but they need support to ensure that their dedication is not exploited. Primary health and social care services need to monitor and support carers’ health and wellbeing, and to fully recognise that carers are entitled to the same life chances as others and should not be socially excluded as a result of their caring role.

    SCIE chief executive, Andrea Sutcliffe

  • New CQC Chief Executive 11 June 2012Open

    Following the announcement that David Behan will be the new Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission, Andrea Sutcliffe, SCIE's Chief Executive, says:

    David’s breadth of knowledge about social care and regulation, combined with his experience within the Department of Health, will be a real asset for CQC. David is well-known and well-respected. SCIE and the whole social care sector will be delighted that someone with his understanding of social care has been given this important role. His appointment will help to build confidence in CQC’s contribution to driving up quality and we look forward to working with David in his new role.

  • End of life care – new resources 30 May 2012Open

    Around 500,000 people die each year and, because of the ageing population, that number is predicted to rise over the next few years. Two briefings – looking at dementia in care homes - and three new films, are launched today on Social Care TV. These look at various aspects of End of life care. SCIE say it’s important that social care and health professionals who work with people at the end of life - and their families - have access to high quality resources and information so they can give the best care possible.

  • Info 4 Care Kids 30 May 2012Open

    A new website launches today in North Tyneside, which gives looked after children and young people the confidence to navigate what can be, at times, a difficult and complex system. It’s been part-written by looked after children and young people themselves, so it has the very latest information on how to survive and prosper in care. There are practical tips on many subjects, for instance, getting support at school because of bullying, or help with finding a job.

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