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Renew 37 - New Life Baptist Church

Lead service provider/commissioner


Nottinghamshire County Council

Type of knowledge

Type of knowledge:

Project description only

Prevention service description

Borne out of the activities of the local New Life Baptists Church Renew 37 was the result of the church beginning to work more closely with local mental health teams. The church itself meets at a local school but wanted to accommodate more open and social spaces for people to drop into to help combat isolation. The group initially met at a pub but quickly realised that this could present a barrier in relation to those who may have issues around alcohol. The well-being cafe presented an ideal venue, with a space linked to an existing café business, providing a familiar space with good refreshments and the sense of a community cafe.

Applying the principles of five ways to well being, (connect, stay active ,keep learning, take notice) Renew 37 has a user led approach to activities but features gardening, photography, mindful colouring and sessions which are run by users over 4 weekdays (Monday to Thursday). The space also features a quiet room for meditation based on Christian values and readings. Although the project has informal access users can attend a group once a week by the local Mental Health Team, in addition the team Occupational Therapist also makes themselves available every week so that users are able to talk to a professional without an appointment. In addition to this professional support Renew 37 also has a paid manager (who is currently funded by John Lewis Partnership) and a signposting and information desk. The project is mainly church funded as there is an emphasis upon sustainability and independence of the project, however Renew37 have applied to cinnamon trust to help market renew to scale it up due to demand from other areas. The project lead is currently working with non-faith groups to set up other renew groups and has two schools currently in discussions regarding having well-being café onsite. The church are also working on a friendship café providing activities that anyone wants to do. The friendship cafe is in partnership with a local GP who refers those who may need support Renew 37 sees up to 80-100 people a week however they continue to work with other areas and churches to ensure those in more rural locations can be supported and provided for through more local cafes and groups.

Intervention/service type:

Befriending, mentoring and peer support; Information and advice; Community services; Community capacity building

Target client group(s):

Older people; Adults with long-term health conditions; Adults with learning disabilities; Adults with mental health problems; Carers; Adults with physical disabilities; Vulnerable adults

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