This website is for anyone who wants to understand dementia better: what it is, what it means for daily life, and what we can do to better support those living with dementia, including family and friends. The Dementia Gateway is just that - it's a gateway to an enormous range of helpful resources: written information, films, activities, e-learning and so much more. It's been developed by a wide range of experts in dementia - including people living with dementia and family carers. We are updating the Dementia Gateway. New sections are being added on regular basis.

  • SCTV films about Dignity in Care

    People with dementia should be treated with dignity. These films highlight the importance of dignity in care. Find out more 

  • Adult Safeguarding

    Adult safeguarding: sharing information Find out more 

  • The Open Dementia Programme e-learning

    This e-learning resource will help you to get a better understanding of dementia Find out more 

  • Understanding the Mental Capacity Act

    Resources to help you understand the implications of the MCA (2005) to help you support people who lack capacity. Find out more 

Understanding dementia

Signs and symptoms, how it’s diagnosed and how it progresses


Living with dementia

What helps in supporting people to live well with dementia


Dementia-friendly environments

Practical ideas for making places and spaces work for people with dementia


Family, friends and people with dementia

What’s on this website for those who are living with dementia or supporting someone with dementia?


Care staff

What’s on this website for those whose work involves supporting people with dementia or their family and friends?


Managers and trainers

What’s on this website for those responsible for improving the quality of dementia care?


Advanced Dementia

Later stages of dementia are usually referred to as advanced or severe dementia. Each individual will experience it differently.