SCIE's e-learning resources

As of October 1, 2015, PLEASE NOTE:

The Fair Access to Care Services (FACS) course has been de-listed, as it is has been replaced by new Care Act assessment and eligibility criteria. SCIE has created a number of new resources on the subject.

The Social Work and the Law course has been withdrawn as it is not current. We are, however, exploring how to update it cost effectively. If you would like to use this course, please contact us.

The following courses can still be accessed, and will be replaced by an updated version, as follows:

Adult care and support

Adult safeguarding

A resource looking at what adult safeguarding means and considering how safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. (2013)

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Mental Capacity Act

Exploring the Mental capacity act including best interests decision making and how to support people to make their own decisions. (2016)

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An in-depth introduction to dementia and the experience of living with the disease. 7 modules (2009)

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Understanding and delivering person centred care

One page profiles

Helps you learn about person-centred practice by completing a one-page profile. (2013)

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Looks at how to support individuals through the personalisation process. 2 modules (2010)

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How to support people to regain the ability to look after themselves following illness or injury. (2013)

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The mental health of older people

Explores the key issues, research, messages, policies and approaches relating to the mental health of older people. 10 modules (2007)

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Families and parental issues

Parental mental health and families

Exploring the nature of parental mental health and its impact on families. 8 modules (2011)

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Parental substance misuse

Exploring parental substance misuse and the effects on children and parenting capacity. 3 modules (2011)

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Poverty, parenting and social exclusion

Looks at the key aspects of poverty, parenting and social exclusion with particular reference to children and families. 9 modules (2008)

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Sexual, reproductive and mental health

Looks at the key aspects of sexual and reproductive health in the context of mental illness. 8 modules (2011)

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Communication and management skills

Communication skills

Explores the principles of good communication skills and how to apply these to practice. 10 modules (2008)

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Interprofessional & inter-agency collaboration

Looks at how to improve collaborative practice between professionals and agencies. 7 modules (2009)

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Managing knowledge to improve social care

Explores the principles of knowledge management for individuals and organisations. 9 modules (2010)

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Organisational change in Social Care

A resource to support managers working in adult social care to be more knowledgeable about, and confident in the application of different approaches to managing change.

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The following courses have been de-listed pending updates. We are unable to provide a re-publishing date at this time

An introduction to residential child care

An introduction to different residential care settings and the needs that children in care may have. 3 modules (2008)

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Children of prisoners

An introduction to the issues of children who are affected by the loss of a parent or carer to prison. 3 modules (2008)

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Managing risk, minimising restraint

Explores the nature of managing risk and minimising restraint when working with older people in care homes. 3 modules (2009)

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