How to use the resource

This resource has been created to raise awareness about one-page profiles and to guide you through the process for completing your own. By doing this, you will experience the process first-hand and learn how useful this tool can be in finding out about the people you work with – both colleagues and those you support.

Completing the process with someone else is best achieved through dialogue, i.e. conversation. To help you understand how the dialogue works you will see it modelled on video at each stage.

How do I complete my one-page profile?

All the information you need to help you create your first profile is contained on the 'Create a profile' tab (the tab you're currently on). Click on the menu headings in the order in which they appear and read the associated content on the screen.

This area of the resource contains a one-page profile template ('.doc') that you download to your computer. (If you don't have Microsoft Word then you can use the .rtf download instead.)

The resource also contains videos and supporting documents to read and download. When you need to watch a video or download a document, instructions will tell you what to do.

Important: download and read the 'Good practice guidelines' when instructed to do so. (You could also download these guidelines now, from the column on the right.)

How long will it take?

Creating your one-page profile will take an hour or two – depending on how much of the resource content you look at. If you view all the information and links then you'll need to allow plenty of time. You may want to complete your one-page profile first and then come back to view the other content in the resource at a later date – if you do this remember to save your one-page profile to your computer before you leave the resource. (Profiles are not saved automatically – you need to do this yourself.)