About one-page profiles

one-page profile example

What is a 'one-page profile'?

A one-page profile is a simple summary of what is important to someone and how they want to be supported. It can help you to provide them with more person-centred care and support.

The profile is a record of your conversation and a way to help you work out and remember the important things you need to do to support someone.

Why should I complete a one-page profile?

Completing a one-page profile yourself is a good way to learn about them. You will then be able to help other people to complete their own profiles. For more information on why you should complete a one-page profile take a look at the 'Q&As' tab.

A one-page profile is not a new kind of form to fill in. It is a record of thinking about what is important to someone, and how they want to be supported.