What shall I do with my profile?

When you've viewed all the information in the resource and created your one-page profile, do the following:

  1. Share your one-page profile with all the people you'd like to share it with.
  2. Start creating one-page profiles with other people.
  3. Go to the 'Resources' tab to learn more about person-centred practices.

More information on sharing your one-page profile

If you work for an organisation, ask your supervisor or manager for guidance on who to share your profile with. You might also like to discuss using one-page profiles in your learning and development programme.

If you are a member of the public, or someone who uses care services, share your information only with the people you trust. If you're not sure who to share with then ask a trusted carer, support worker, friend or family member for advice.

Remember to review your one-page profile – and any profiles you create with others – at regular intervals, to keep them up to date.