About the experts

This resource has been created with advice and source content from Helen Sanderson.

Helen SandersonHelen Sanderson advises health and social care sector organisations on person-centred practices. Helen is a champion of one-page profiles and has seen them used effectively in a variety of contexts.

For information on how one-page profiles were developed see 'What is the history of one-page profiles?' on the 'Q&As' tab. For more information about Helen Sanderson see 'Credits' on the 'About SCIE' tab.

Andrew CozensAndrew Cozens is a social care and health adviser. His background is as chair of the Carers Trust, social worker, director of social services and president of ADASS (Association of Directors of Adult Social Services). He now works with health and social care leaders and the government to promote reform, creativity and effective leadership. Like you, Andrew is interested in how he can use one-page profiles as part of person-centred practice.