How do I begin?

We develop one-page profiles through conversation with the person where we can. We also talk to the people who know them best.

As you are doing this alone (and for your own profile first) you're going to complete your profile through exercises rather than through conversation – just as if you were learning about one-page profiles on a course.

The .doc templateone-page profile template
The .rtf templateone-page profile template

To complete your one-page profile, you will need to download one of the one-page profile templates in the right-hand column and save it to your computer. For most people the .doc or 'Word document' is the one to use – but if this one doesn't open then use the .rtf or 'Rich Text template' instead.

If you are completing a one-page profile with someone else, please ensure you familiarise yourself with the good practice guidelines before you begin.

The guidelines will help you create and use one-page profiles in a way that fits with the spirit or ethos of person-centred practice. The guidelines will also help you meet data protection requirements when you collect and store a person's information.

Click on the 'One-page profile template [.doc]' and save it to your computer. Click on the 'Good practice guidelines' to view and save them.