one-page profile example

What do people like and admire about you?

The first section of your one-page profile is where you list four to six (or more) qualities that you have, that other people like and admire about you. This is not accomplishments or awards, but characteristics – the kind of person you are.

Looking at the good things about yourself can be hard. So why is it important to complete this section?

The qualities you list on your one-page profile help others understand the qualities and characteristics that are important to you.

When people know the qualities that are important to you, they begin to understand your values – and your values have a huge effect on how you want people to behave with you.

What do your qualities tell people?

Here are some thoughts:

If you list 'honest' then this tells people that honesty in yourself and others is important to you. If you list 'creative' then this tells people that you value creativity. It also suggests how you might like to spend your time (i.e. in creative activities). If you list 'spontaneous and fun' then this tells people a) that you might not enjoy pre-planning all your activities; and b) that they need to find out what 'fun' means to you (i.e. the types of activity that are 'fun').

Click on 'Example qualities' to get some ideas for what you might list.

Example qualities

The qualities people like and admire about you might include the following:

  • Honest
  • Creative
  • Spontaneous
  • Fun
  • Funny
  • Friendly
  • Kind
  • Generous
  • Thoughtful
  • Considerate
  • Caring
  • Determined
  • Positive
  • Clever
  • Sensitive
  • Imaginative
  • Wise
  • Calm/stable
  • Resilient
  • Organised


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