Consider good days and bad days

Good day/bad day is a person-centred thinking tool that Helen uses to help people consider what makes good days great and bad days awful.

Try it yourself.

Write two headings – 'Good day' and 'Bad day' – then make some notes against each of the headings.

In the video that follows, Helen discusses good days and bad days with Andrew. See how she digs deeper into the things Andrew says so that she can uncover what's really important to him.

Thinking about good days and bad days generated a lot of conversation, so Helen takes the time to repeat back to Andrew what she has heard him say.

Repeating back the important parts of the conversation is helpful for several reasons:

  • It shows Andrew that Helen is listening to him effectively.
  • It allows Helen to check and confirm her understanding of what Andrew had said.
  • It summarises the conversation so far and prepares Andrew for the next part of the discussion.