Consider who is important to you

Thinking about the important people in your life will help you add detail to the section 'What is important to me' on your one-page profile. Look at the diagram and use it to reflect for a moment on the people you know.

people who matter infographic

Who are the people who matter to you?

  • Is there anyone you have to see, text or speak to every day, who would be upset or sad if you were not in contact with them on a daily basis?
  • Who do you turn to when you are upset and want to talk?
  • Who do you want to celebrate with when something good has happened?
  • If you are having a party, or inviting people for a meal, who would be the top four or five people on the list?
  • Who do you look forward to seeing or speaking to when you have been away on holiday?
  • Who is on your 'favourites' on your phone, or on speed dial?

Write some notes on who is important to you and how often you see them.