In this area of the resource you will find examples of one-page profiles being created and/or being used in different contexts. The examples all come from real people who are using one-page profiles to deal with real life issues.

As you look through the examples, consider how you can use one-page profiles with the people you are working with.

Live example

This section shows Kay – who is full-time carer to her husband Phil – completing a one-page profile with him. Phil's completed profile is available in the column on the right, along with some of the other one-page profiles from the people who have contributed to this part of the resource.

Bruce Lodge

This a care home providing support for people with dementia. Everyone at Bruce Lodge has completed a one-page profile – both people living at the lodge, and the teams working there. Take a look at the video stories showing how the one-page profiles have benefited everyone. View Winifred's story first, as this gives information on how one-page profiles can be used to match people working in homes with people living in them – with results that are life enhancing.

Other stories

This section contains written stories showing how one-page profiles have made a difference in the lives of people with long-term conditions.

Jane has ulcerative colitis. She completed her one-page profile with her work colleague to help her think about her life and the support she needs.

Stephen had learning disabilities. His one-page profile helped hospice staff know how to support him at the end of his life.

Jennie is 21 and has autism. Her one-page profile forms the basis of her support plan for her personal budget.

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