Phil's good and bad day

A good day for Phil starts with a good night’s sleep, as this sets the tone for the day.

When Phil describes his good day and bad day, Kay asks further exploratory questions about specific things that are important to him. From Phil’s responses she can start to make notes for the ‘What’s important to me’ section of the profile. She also asks about his support needs when he’s having a bad day, so she can transfer these to the support section of the one-page profile.

Kay's notes from the good day/bad day discussion are shown below.

A good day is:

  • Having a good night's sleep and waking up refreshed (which doesn't happen very often)
  • Having good weather (sun and not too much wind) – so I can go out into a field and do some archery
  • Going out and about and visiting friends and family
  • A day when my morning routine goes smoothly
  • Going out somewhere and finding that wheelchair access is better than expected

A bad day is:

  • Having a bad night's sleep and waking up in pain
  • Having my morning routine interrupted
  • Having plans for the day messed up (due to bad weather, an interrupted morning routine or poor wheelchair access)
  • Having bad weather
  • Going somewhere where we think the access is good and finding it isn't when we get there