Resources list

This list contains links to websites and related documents on personalisation and involvement of people who use services. It also contains collated lists of downloadable documents from the 'Create a profile' and 'Examples' tabs.

Resources to help you (from the column on the right in 'Create a profile')

- One-page profile template

.doc template

.rtf template

- Good practice guidance for creating one-page profiles

Good practice guidelines document [.pdf]

Good practice guidelines document [.doc]

- Consent form. Use this form to obtain consent for the creation and storage of a one-page profile – also use it to make it clear who the profile will be shared with.

Consent form .doc template

Consent form .rtf template

- Andrew Cozens' one-page profile

Andrew's one-page profile [.pdf]

Andrew's one-page profile [.doc]

- Definition of phrase used in the content

What are 'open questions'? [.pdf]

What are 'open questions'? [.doc]


- Help guide

Help [.pdf]

Help [.doc]

One-page profile .pdfs from the 'Examples' area

Phil [.pdf]

Phil [.doc]

Winifred [.pdf]

Jane [.pdf]

Stephen [.pdf]

Jennie [.pdf]

Other resources on personalisation and person-centred approaches

- 100 one-page profiles – a website containing many example one-page profiles

100 one-page profiles

- Website with a variety of free, practical, person-centred thinking tools

Think About Your Life

- Book 'A practical guide to delivering personalisation: Person-centred practice in health and social care' – by Helen Sanderson and Jaimee Lewis; Jessica Kingsley Publishers (London and Philadelphia, 2012) – contains case stories and practical guidance on using a full range of person-centred practice tools

A practical guide to delivering personalisation

- Think Local, Act Personal website – a national, cross sector leadership partnership focused on driving forward work with personalisation and community-based social care

Think Local, Act Personal

- Link to the .pdf 'Making it Real'. This sets out a framework for creating change in organisations delivering care and support. It has been created by Think Local, Act Personal with the National Co-production Advisory Group, which is made up of people who use services and carers. 'Making it Real' is built around “I” statements. These express what people want to see and experience; and what they would expect to find if personalisation is really working.

Making it Real

- Page on The National Archives (website) containing the document 'Personalisation through Person-centred Planning' (guidance archived by Department of Health)

This guidance seeks to share learning about how person-centred thinking and planning can make a useful contribution to the delivery of Putting People First and Valuing People Now.

Personalisation through Person-centred Planning

- The website for Shaping Our Lives – the national network of people who use services

Shaping Our Lives

- Solnet – the networking website from Shaping Our Lives


- The website for In Control – the national charity seeking to create a fairer society where everyone needing additional support has the right, responsibility and freedom to control that support

In Control

- The website for Disability Rights UK – for disabled people leading change, and working to create a society where everyone with lived experience of disability or health conditions can participate equally as full citizens

Disability Rights UK

- Emergence – a website created by people with personality disorder, for people with a personality disorder


- Essex Coalition of Disabled People – an example of a regional group created by and for people who use services

ecdp website

- Southampton Centre for Independent Living – an example of a regional group led by and for disabled people

SCILCC website

You might also like to visit SCIE's personalisation pages:

- Personalisation: a rough guide (NICE accredited)

Guide 47

- Personalisation – key issues

Key issues - personalisation

- e-Learning

Personalisation modules

- Social Care TV

Personalisation in SCTV