Social work students: Key SCIE resources

All of SCIE’s resources support the core curriculum for social work education and training.  The topics listed below highlight a selection of our resources which can support you in your studies.

Co-production: Involvement of people who use services and their carers

People can and should be supported to participate in the planning, development and delivery of their care and support. Our resources show how people of all ages and backgrounds can take part, influence and control services.


One of the key responsibilities of a social worker is to help assess people's support needs. Assessment is about critically analysing information from a range of sources to determine need, eligibility and risk.

Human growth and development

Social workers need to understand how we become who we are. Human growth and development (HGD) is a central element of qualifying social work education. SCIE's work on this area focuses on mental health, disability and older people. It looks at how far teaching and learning reflects current policies on personalisation.

Integration and multi-agency working

People often use a range of services – social care, health care, housing, criminal justice system, children's and adults' services. Evidence shows that when these services are well coordinated or integrated, this leads to better outcomes for individuals, and more efficient use of resources.

Law and social work

The law relating to social work can be complex. Our resources introduce the importance and relevance of law in social work practice and training. The resources help to show how the law can underpin and support social work values.

Communication skills

These resources explore the importance of effective communication with people who use care services and their families.