Lead reviewers: Learning Together systems approach

Accreditation programme for lead reviewers of serious case reviews, significant case reviews, safeguarding adult reviews

Four day course - 23 and 24 January and 2 and 3 February 2017 - plus supervised practice review

Applications for 2017 now closed.

Learning Together is the most developed systems approach available for case reviews of multi-agency safeguarding practice. The model works across both children’s and adults’ safe guarding reviews. It is widely used across the UK and internationally.

Benefits to reviewers

As an accredited Learning Together reviewer you will:

Who can attend

The programme is aimed at:

Places are limited. See below for more details on selection criteria and how to apply.

Programme outline

The SCIE Learning Together programme for reviewers includes:

Once you have successfully completed the face-to-face training, you must conduct an actual review – with support including quality assurance from SCIE. There is then an assessment process toward accreditation as a  SCIE Learning Together reviewer.

Face-to-face training

Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 January 2017 – London.

Thursday 2 and Friday 3 February 2017 - London.

In these four days, trainees will cover the underpinning systems thinking and its application in the Learning Together process. A very hands-on course, there will be plenty of opportunities to practice using Learning Together’s core analytic tools.

Supervised practice Learning Together review

For the associated practice review, trainees will arrange to be commissioned by a safeguarding board (adults or children’s) to conduct a case review. Trainees are responsible for negotiating their day rate with the commissioning Board for this practice review.  They will work in pairs - either with another trainee or someone already accredited in Learning Together.

Throughout the practice review, trainees will be supported by a rolling programme of group supervision sessions. They will need to participate in a minimum of four of these supervision sessions. Each session lasts a day and they will be held at SCIE’s offices in London. Trainees will also receive individual supervision which will be charged to the commissioner as part of the commission.


Trainees will need to commit time to complete the full programme. In addition to conducting the practice review (which will be paid for by the commissioning safeguarding board), trainees should allocate the following unpaid time:


The training and supervision sessions will be run by Dr Sheila Fish and Sarah Peel who lead SCIE’s Learning Together programme.

Assessment toward accreditation

The accreditation process involves an assessment of the ability of trainee reviewers to put the Learning Together model into practice, through which their understanding of it will be evidenced. As the practice review takes place outside the training sessions, evidence will come from three key sources:

  1. Written reports and other documents that are part of the case review process
  2. Input from others involved in the review process
  3. Input from the trainees themselves

The assessment will look at six main areas of competency. In each area of competence we will be seeking evidence of:

The aim of the assessment is therefore to be both summative – to give an overall judgment about your performance, and formative – to help you identify strengths and areas that you need to work on.


Once a reviewer has become an accredited Learning Together reviewer and member of the Learning Together network, they are expected to work with fidelity to the model in any future Learning Together commissions.

SCIE supports accredited reviewers with Learning Together reviews on an ongoing basis. For example, we provide supervision and quality assurance (paid for by the commissioning board). Accredited reviewers are also required to attend a minimum of three network meetings per year.  Accreditation status will be reviewed annually in line with these requirements.

The SCIE Learning Together Programme is endorsed by ILM
SCIE’s ILM provider number is 049878


£3,500 + VAT

This covers the taught course, group supervision sessions and assessment toward accreditation.

We expect that trainees will easily make this amount back in their first Learning Together review.

How to apply

Places on the programme are limited and we have a selection criteria. Please register your interest by sending a CV and supporting statement by 30 September 2016, to yvonne.watkins-knight@scie.org.uk.

Your supporting statement should identify how you meet the selection criteria (see below), and in particular:

  1. How would becoming an accredited Learning Together reviewer fit with your work plans?
  2. What would you most enjoy about being part of the Learning Together network?
  3. What would you bring to the Learning Together community?
  4. What do you anticipate finding the most difficult about using the Learning Together model?
  5. Why do you think you would make a good Learning Together reviewer?
  6. Give an example of learning from a review (SCR/ SAR/learning review/DHR) that you have found illuminating of a cultural or organisational issue that helps or hinders safeguarding work.

We aim to get back to you in October to confirm your place.

Selection criteria

The programme is relevant to both adults and children’s safeguarding practice reviews.

We are looking for individuals who:

Conducting Learning Together review requires:


If you have any queries, you can email yvonne.watkins-knight@scie.org.uk to arrange a time to speak to Sheila Fish or Sarah Peel.