SCIE minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees

Held on Thursday 23 January 2003, 14.00 - 16.30 Goldings House, 2 Hay's Lane, London, SE1

In Jane Campbell's absence Gail Tucker was appointed to chair the board meeting, with the unanimous consent of the board.

1) Attendance

Board: Gail Tucker (Chair), Terry Philpot, Roy Taylor, Geraldine Macdonald, Paul Martin, Diana McNeish.

Staff: Bill Kilgallon (Chief Executive), Victoria McNeill (Head of Corporate Services & Company Secretary), Amanda Edwards (Head of Knowledge Services), Marie Diggins (Staff Representative), Maria Doyle (Minutes).

Apologies: Jane Campbell, Shokat Babul, Ratna Dutt, Mike Oliver, Susannah Walker

2) Identification of any other business


3) Minutes of the Board Meeting held on 21 November were approved by the Board with one amendment noted:

Point five should note that Terry Philpot also attended the Annual Social Services Conference in Cardiff in October 2002.


Maria Doyle to amend minutes.

Matters Arising (paper)

4) Chief Executive's Report

Partners' Council:

Don Brand was invited to join the meeting to present a progress report on the consultation process for establishing the Partners' Council. He reported that the response rate to the consultation had been high and that meetings in England, Ireland and Wales with potential partners, stakeholders and service users were now being set up. He agreed to keep board members informed of the dates and locations of the meetings.


Maria Doyle to ensure that board members are informed of dates and locations of forthcoming Partners' Council meetings.


Bill Kilgallon invited Victoria McNeill to give an update on recruitment. Victoria McNeill reported that Linda Steele had joined SCIE as press and media executive. SCIE was also considering a proposal from pr and communications consultant, Ben Furner, for getting SCIE's message out to key interested parties.

Work Programme:

Bill Kilgallon invited Amanda Edwards to give an update on the 2002/2003 work programme. Amanda Edwards distributed to board members a progress report on the work programme, which had recently been presented to the Department of Health. Board members thanked her for the regular progress reports on the work programme which they found useful for updating themselves and others on SCIE's progress.

5) Chair's Activity Report

In Jane Campbell's absence, the Chair's activity report was presented to the board. There were no questions on the report.

6) SCIE Conference - Board members' feedback

Board members who attended the SCIE conference on 9 December were invited by Gail Tucker to give feedback. Board members had all received positive feedback and were impressed by the mixture of delegates, particularly the high number of service users in attendance. The board congratulated Roisin Joel, the conference coordinator, on a very successful conference.

7) Quality Assurance

Gail Tucker invited board members to consider the proposals for Quality Assurance and agree the framework. The proposals had already been considered and amended at a meeting of the Quality Assurance sub-group of the board.

Subject to some minor amendments to the framework which Amanda Edwards was asked to make, the recommendations in the paper were endorsed by the Board.


Amanda Edwards to take the Quality Assurance proposals to the next stage and present to the board again at the 8 May 2003 board meeting.

8) Corporate Planning

The Board were asked to consider for approval two draft papers for inclusion in the Corporate Plan 2003 to 2006 - "Aims and Objectives"; and "Three Year Outline Work Programme";. The "Aims and Objectives"; had already been considered and amended at a meeting of the Business Planning sub-group of the board.

Subject to some minor amendments the two papers were approved for inclusion in the Corporate Plan.


Victoria McNeill and Amanda Edwards to take the draft Corporate Plan to the next stage and distribute a first full draft to board members in February.

9) Audit Committee Guidelines

The report sets out proposals for the terms of reference of SCIE's audit committee, in particular its constitution and its duties. The Board was asked to consider the proposals and resolve to adopt the guidelines.

The recommendations were endorsed by the Board.


Victoria McNeill to organise a schedule of meetings with the members of the audit committee.

10) Financial Report

Pearl Sebastian delivered the financial report highlighting the forecasting procedure that SCIE had recently undertaken. The board thanked her the very clear and transparent format of the papers which promoted a better understanding of the details.


Pearl Sebastian to prepare the 2003/2004 budget for approval at the 20 March 2003 board meeting.

11) Date of next meeting

20 March 2003 13:30 - 16:30 with lunch from 12:30.