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Doing it for themselves: participation and black and minority ethnic service users

Part of Co-production

Service user participation in social care has increased markedly in the wider service user movement over the last 20 years. However, the participation of black and minority ethnic service users has diminished over the same period. This report identifies some of the reasons for this reduction and concludes by stating that given the right opportunities, support and resources, there is a genuine commitment and interest from service users to become more actively involved in the process

Will community-based support services make direct payments a viable option for black and minority ethnic service users and carers?

This discussion paper explains the latest legislation on direct payments and how it is meant to work. It also looks at why black and minority ethnic service users and carers are unable to fully embrace direct payments. Finally, it poses a number of questions that address ways in which direct payments services can be effective for black and minority ethnic service users and carers.


This online guide offers quick and easy access to knowledge about foster care practice. It is designed to enable practitioners, carers, teams and services to think creatively about their work to benefit foster children and young people.

Results 11 - 20 of 22

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