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Living in a care home: a positive outcome for a person with dementia

Part of Dementia

Use this video to convince people of the value of high quality care homes for people with dementia. It can be used for training to help improve practices in any setting. It highlights the key areas of improving quality of life for someone with dementia and it shows what good care looks like, which can be comforting.

Safeguarding and quality in commissioning care homes

This guidance aims to support NHS and local authority commissioners of care homes to ensure that safeguarding is central to the commissioning process and a primary concern for residential and nursing care home providers.

Personalisation for older people: residential care

Part of Personalisation

This film for social care and care home commissioners and staff, is introduced by the manager of a residential care home for older people with dementia who talks about the importance of understanding the individual, their interests, background and personal history to maintain dignity and wellbeing.

Safeguarding adults: looking out for each other to prevent abuse

This video shows how good communication with older people can improve safeguarding. In residential care it is important that staff take the time to talk to residents and to listen to their concerns. Two community projects demonstrate how people are encouraged to look out for each other and to report any concerns.

Managing risk, minimising restraint: exploring restraint

Part of e-Learning courses

One of a series of e-learning resources which explore the nature of managing risk and minimising restraint when working with older people in care homes. The resource provides an interactive exploration of definitions - what the word restraint means to different people and different types of restraint; thoughts and ideas about the use of restraint and how to minimise it. Knowing the individual, valuing the views of relatives and working as a team will help reduce the need for restraint. This resource contains audio and video.

Results 31 - 40 of 51

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