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LGBTQI+ video stories

This resource presents five accounts of LGBTQI+ people and their care and support experiences. The stories focus on people with physical disabilities; people with mental health needs; people with learning disabilities; partners in adoption services; and older people and residential care.

Developing a positive working culture for supporting disabled children and young people with severe complex needs

Part of Integrated care

A quick guide to help social workers and social care practitioners develop a positive working culture for supporting disabled children and young people with severe complex needs. The guide highlights the contribution that interagency teams, relationship building, key worker support and opportunities to learn together, can make to developing a positive culture. The guide covers interagency teams; enablers of positive working culture; training and learning; role of key worker and sources of further information. The content is based on the NICE guideline on 'Disabled children and young people up to 25 with severe complex needs: integrated service delivery and organisation across health, social care and education. The quick guide is available as a pdf and as an interactive web resource.

Dignity in care: social inclusion

Part of Dignity in care

This film looks at people doing normal, everyday things like catching the bus or socialising with friends.Social inclusion, in practice, means doing things such as promoting and supporting access to social networks.

Results 1 - 10 of 31

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