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Supporting people who provide unpaid care for adults with health or social care needs

Part of Care professionals supporting carers

A quick guide to help social care practitioners support people who provide unpaid care for adults with health or social care needs. The guide covers: carer assessments; carer's breaks; peer support; and work, education and training. The guide highlights some of the ways support can be provided. These include offering training and advice; providing psychological and emotional support; support to remain in work; training, skills development or education, and regular breaks. The guide also highlights the factors to taken into account when arranging support. The guide is based on NICE’s quality standard on supporting adult carers(QS200).

Getting help to overcome abuse

Part of Children’s services

This quick guide, which is written from the perspective of young people who have experienced abuse and neglect, explains to young people what they should expect from services. It is based on recommendations from the NICE guideline on child abuse and neglect (NG 77) and has been developed with young people who have experienced abuse or neglect. It covers: recognising abuse and neglect, changes in feelings and behaviour young people may experience, lists key recommendations from the NICE guidance and provides advice on getting help. It also includes a young person’s account of abuse which highlights the difference the right support can make.

Living with dementia

Part of Dementia

This film for health and care staff, people who use services and their families, introduces four people with dementia who are able to share their insights and experiences of living with advancing dementia.

Dementia e-learning: the emotional impact of dementia

Part of e-Learning courses

One of a series of e-learning resources which aims provides a general introduction to the dementia and the experience of living with dementia. This module provides an overview of the emotional dimension of dementia; looks at the importance of effective strategies to help people experiencing difficult emotions. It then explores a range of situations where people with dementia can be supported. This resource contains audio and video. The Dementia e-learning resources were originally released with the title of 'The Open Dementia e-learning programme'.

Results 1 - 5 of 5

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