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Quality in social care: what is excellence

In this video, people who use services and social care academics consider extracts from SCIE’s Social Care TV films to help understand quality and excellence in social care. The panel considers the quality of social care in different settings and with different people, to see how excellence can be achieved.

Quality in social care: achieving excellence in supported living services

In this video, we see examples of excellence in supported living settings. It shows people with learning disabilities and mental health problems finding employment, developing skills, and becoming more independent, and looks at the role of social care staff in supporting people to improve their lives.

Poverty, parenting and social exclusion: service user perspectives on good practice

Part of e-Learning courses

When using services, parents have reported that they encounter discriminatory attitudes from some professionals on the basis that they are poor. This e-learning resource seeks to help you understand the positive steps that can be taken to building good relationships with parents in poverty. Having first thought about what families value in professional relationships, you will then watch different family members, who have experienced or are experiencing poverty, discuss issues which they value as good practice from the point of view of people who use services. You will then be asked to look at some of the steps that families feel practitioners can take to make a positive difference in their work with a family that is living in poverty. This is followed by a conclusion and a final video message

Poverty, parenting and social exclusion: values, parenting and professional roles

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All of us who work with families carry into our work a whole set of beliefs and values about family life and how children should be cared for. This learning object is designed to make you aware of these personal values and how they might impact on your practice. This learning object explores the way that personal values can effect the way you deal with families and seeks to help make practitioners aware of the impact and implications that this can have. You will be asked to capture your initial thoughts relating to 3 case study images depicting different aspects of family life. Afterwards you will hear three child care professionals discussing their thoughts on each case study and the care that they would provide. After listening to these extracts you will be asked to reflect upon whether these individuals allowed their personal values and beliefs to affect the way that they responded to each case study. This is followed by a conclusion highlighting the codes of practice for child care professionals.

A definition of excellence for regulated adult social care services in England

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) commissioned SCIE in 2010 to define excellence in adult social care services in England. This definition was developed in consultation with a range of people who provide and use care services. It also draws on of selected research and examples of quality frameworks in social care. This report provides the definition of excellence and identifies its four essential elements. Three of these relate to improvements in people's lives as a result of using the service: choice and control; good relationships; spending time purposefully and enjoyably. The fourth element relates to organisational and service factors which enable these outcomes to be achieved and sustained. CQC will use this report to help develop its new quality information system for regulated adult care services in England.

Results 21 - 30 of 50

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