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Carers' breaks and respite services: rapid review summary

Part of Carers’ breaks: guidance for commissioners and providers

Drawing on a focused literature review combined with selected Carers UK Breaks Survey data, this summary report outlines key themes and issues relating to the provision of carers breaks and respite in England since the introduction of the Care Act 2014. Key messages from the research include: that the evidence base on the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of specific interventions for carers is weak; there is a tension between cost-effectiveness and what is valued by carers; and that carers cite a lack of flexibility, choice and accessibility as key concerns along with issues of cost and concerns around quality of current provision. The findings will be used to inform the development of guidance for commissioners and providers and the dissemination of advice and information tool for carers being produced by SCIE and Carers UK respectively.

Managing knowledge to improve social care: when knowledge gaps occur

Part of e-Learning courses

This interactive module is the fourth of nine modules comprising the e-learning resource ‘Managing knowledge to improve social care’. It uses video and audio to explore: the impact of knowledge gaps in social care; how some of the more common gaps are caused by deficiencies in organising, managing and sharing knowledge; the knowledge audit as a process for investigating team and organisation level knowledge needs; and simple strategies by which knowledge gaps might be addressed. The estimated time to complete the module is 20-30 minutes. It includes five sections: 1. Introduction; 2. The knowledge audit; 3. The knowledge audit in practice; 4. Introducing the knowledge map; 5. Conclusion (summary of the main points). The module concludes with a self-assessment exercise.

Results 1 - 5 of 5

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