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Integration: step by step

Free online tool to support coordinated care. Analyse, plan and deliver integrated health and social care using SCIE's discussion questions, practice examples and films.

Principles of participation

This film for social care commissioners and people who use services explores how service user and carer participation has become an important part of how adult social care services are developed and delivered. It highlights the jigsaw model of participation: Culture, Structure, Practice and Review.

Managing risk, minimising restraint: creating a positive culture

Part of e-Learning courses

One of a series of e-learning resources which explore the nature of managing risk and minimising restraint when working with older people in care homes. This resource explores how to create a positive culture of care to lessen the likelihood of care staff needing to use restraint; the benefits of providing learning and development opportunities that help promote a learning culture and support better decision-making about restraint; and how developing a positive physical care environment can help reduce the need for restraint. It is particularly suitable for managers and senior staff. The resource contains audio.

Managing knowledge to improve social care: knowledge is our business

Part of e-Learning courses

This interactive module is the eighth of nine modules comprising the e-learning resource ‘Managing knowledge to improve social care’. It uses video and audio to: explain why sharing knowledge and experience makes the whole organisation more effective; highlight the risks organisations take if they ignore the need to share knowledge; identify the conditions (including culture) that enable sharing in organisations; illustrate how to assess a specific organisation and its culture from a knowledge sharing perspective; demonstrate how to apply some practical techniques for sharing knowledge at work. The estimated time to complete the module is 20-30 minutes. It includes five sections: 1. Introduction; 2. Sharing knowledge; 3. Knowledge sharing cultures; 4. Making a difference.; 5. Conclusion (summary of main points). The module concludes with a self-assessment exercise.

Restraint in care homes for older people

SCIE report 26 describes the findings of a small-scale study into the complex issues facing care homes around restraint and how care home managers and staff have developed strategies for avoiding or minimising its use

Results 1 - 10 of 14

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