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What to expect during assessment and care planning

Part of Person-centred care

A quick guide to help people to understand what they should expect from social care staff during assessment and care planning. The guide explains that an individual's care and support should be based on what they can already do, what they want to achieve and the help they need to live their lives in the way they want to. The guide covers: making decisions, support from an advocate, needs assessment, and care and support planning. It has been co-produced by NICE and SCIE and is based on NICE’s guideline on people’s experience in adult social care services: improving the experience of care and support for people using adult social care services.

Lessons learned from the CQC’s Local Systems Reviews Support Programme

Part of Integrated care

Short report highlighting insights and recommendations from SCIE's work supporting local areas following Care Quality Commission local system reviews. The reviews aimed to understand how services are working together to meet the needs of people who move between health and care services, with a focus on people aged over 65. The recommendations highlight the need for any area developing plans to tackle the interface between health and care to: engage all local partners in planning; clarify governance arrangements to ensure ownership and delivery of action plans are clear; align plans with existing programmes; balance short-term fixes with longer-term improvements; and consider the use of external facilitators to challenge and support planning. The insights will be useful for leaders responsible for developing integrated working within health and wellbeing boards, local authorities and clinical commissioning groups.

Results 11 - 20 of 72

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