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Social care and health inequalities

This resource introduces the concepts of health inequalities and provide practical examples of the ways in which all of social work practice contributes to tackling health inequalities.

Research Mindedness

The Research mindedness learning resource has been produced to help students and practitioners of social care and social work make more effective and extensive use of research in their studies and in practice.

What is social work? Services for older people

This film for social workers and social work lecturers and students focuses on the very rewarding, diverse but complex role of a social workers working in an adult’s services team. It also looks at the routes into social work.

What is social work? Emergency Duty Team

This video for social workers and students focuses on the very rewarding, diverse but complex role of a social worker within an Emergency Duty Team. Cases range from child protection to mental health assessments.

Communication skills: communicating in challenging situations

Part of e-Learning courses

This resource looks at what we mean by the term ‘challenging situations’ and explores in particular the communication difficulties that can be encountered when people feel guarded and defensive, perhaps because they feel threatened in some way.  Using a case study you will work through some of the more advanced communication skills needed in these situations.

Poverty, parenting and social exclusion: what resources can you access to help you support families?

Part of e-Learning courses

Research on families involved with child protection services in the UK reveals that many share the common experiences of living on a low income, suffering housing difficulties, and social isolation. The children and families experiencing these factors may often feel that they have few choices available to help them. This e-learning resource explores the complex issues that often surround these children and families. Through a case study, you will have the chance to reflect on an assessment of possible neglect and support services that could be of assistance to them. You can then compare your reflections with the findings of the social workers who undertook the assessment and find out more about the possible services available to the family.

Communication skills: particular communication needs

Part of e-Learning courses

This resource starts with a quiz and a short case study to help you understand the complexities of defining and identifying impairment as well as the difficulties faced by people who have these impairments.  You will then be able to explore four different scenarios which present tips on working with particular communication needs of service users.

Managing knowledge to improve social care: a day in the life

Part of e-Learning courses

This interactive module is the first of nine modules that comprise the e-learning resource ‘Managing knowledge to improve social care’. It uses video and audio to explore how social care practitioners use knowledge in their day-to-day work lives, including: day-to-day contexts in which they encounter a need to use various sources of knowledge; different sources and features of knowledge that contribute to professional practice; constraints and uncertainties with regard to information and knowledge used on a daily basis; making an initial decision about how useful and how reliable different sources of knowledge are; and recognising that the usefulness of sources is determined by the context in which they are to be used. The estimated time to complete the module is 20-30 minutes. It includes three sections: 1. Introduction; 2. A day in the life (knowledge management in daily working life); 3. Conclusion (summary of the main points). The module concludes with a self-assessment exercise.

Results 21 - 30 of 65

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