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Named Social Worker: learning report

Part of Named Social Worker

This report provides information about how each of the six sites from Named Social Worker pilot project are progressing, detailing the specifics of what they consider the role to entail as well as some of the lessons they are learning through implementation and their further thoughts on evaluation.

Named Social Worker: baseline report

Part of Named Social Worker

This Baseline report brings together the core hypothesis that each of the six pilot sites involved in the Named Social Worker programme is testing, an analysis of emerging themes, an outline of the programme’s approach to evaluation and mini case studies illustrating different elements of implementation.

Self-neglect policy and practice: research messages for practitioners

Part of Self-neglect

This briefing highlights key findings for practitioners from research which looked policies and practices that have produced positive outcomes in self-neglect work. The original research drew on a survey 53 local authorities and a series of in-depth interviews with 20 managers, 42 practitioners in adult social care and in safeguarding, and 29 people who use services. Findings from the interviews found that that there was no clear lifestyle patters which led to self-neglect. Factors that were seen as instrumental in supporting good outcomes in self-neglect work included: the importance of relationships; 'finding’ the person through understanding their life history; understanding of legal duties and powers; making use of creative interventions; and effective multi-agency working. The final section looks at the organisational infrastructure for self-neglect work. Key themes were: strong inter-agency strategic ownership; clear referral pathways; reliable data; a range of coherent mechanisms for turning strategic commitments into operational reality.

Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE): challenges and rewards

This film for Newly Qualified Social Workers, social work employers, supervisors, educators and students, highlights the importance of the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE). Social workers talk about their experiences of the ASYE and the challenges and rewards of this important first year.

Results 21 - 30 of 63

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