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Supporting carers: the social worker

This film for social workers and carers focuses on social worker Nicola. She introduces us to Caroline, who cares for her autistic, severely learning disabled son. Nicola demonstrates how considering the needs of both the service user and the carer can have a positive impact on the whole family.

What is social work? Services for older people

This film for social workers and social work lecturers and students focuses on the very rewarding, diverse but complex role of a social workers working in an adult’s services team. It also looks at the routes into social work.

What is social work? Emergency Duty Team

This video for social workers and students focuses on the very rewarding, diverse but complex role of a social worker within an Emergency Duty Team. Cases range from child protection to mental health assessments.

What is social work? Children and families

This video for social workers and students follows the complex and challenging yet rewarding work of a children’s services social worker. It looks at the complexity of cases that children’s social workers deal with on daily basis from family support to child protection cases.

Poverty, parenting and social exclusion: incorporating an understanding of poverty into assessments of children and their families

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Practitioners often have to undertake assessments of children and their families who are living in poverty. To help improve the consistency and quality of these assessments the Government introduced the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families. This e-learning resource lets you explore the framework and its many dimensions. With the help of Barbara, a social worker, you will use the framework to assess a family, to help you to understand the needs of children and families in your daily role.

Poverty, parenting and social exclusion: how sensitive to poverty and social exclusion are you in your daily practice?

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Despite poverty and social exclusion being common characteristics of families involved in the child protection system, there is evidence to suggest that professionals struggle to truly incorporate an understanding of the impact of poverty in their assessments and interventions. In practice, social workers and other professionals continue to have difficulty in making sense of the complex interplay between poverty, social deprivation, parental capacity and children's development. This e-learning resource will let you explore your own sensitivity to poverty with the help of six separate scenarios, each highlighting a different issue faced by families living in poverty. After you have worked through the six scenarios, you will be able to see your level of sensitivity to poverty and social exclusion.  You will then be able to match your responses to examples of how to deal with the situations in a sensitive manner, reading the ideas behind each approach The e-learning resource concludes with a short video clip of a family member relating the importance of a sensitive attitude towards poverty.

Communication skills: overview of communication skills in social work

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This e-learning resource introduces the breadth and complexity of communication skills in social work. This resource will further your understanding of: the principles of effective communication as a two or more way process (underpinned by values such as participation and inclusion); how context shapes communication and can facilitate or impede effective communication within the social work role and task.

Results 31 - 40 of 52

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