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Commissioning independent advocacy


This resource is aimed at commissioners charged with meeting the new duties to provide advocacy under the Care Act 2014. It will help commissioning officers in local authorities think through their new duties and understand what they are required to do to comply with the new requirements of the Act.

Eligibility determination for the Care Act 2014


The aim of this guide is to build on the Care Act statutory guidance by outlining what local authorities need to consider when making an eligibility determination, using the national eligibility criteria. It summarises the process and key elements to consider when making an eligibility determination for an adult requiring care, as well as bringing useful resources together.

Dignity in care


This practical guide helps to define dignity in care, as well as how best to implement it. It is aimed at care providers, managers and staff who work with adults – especially older adults – in a range of settings.

Fluctuating needs in assessment and eligibility for the Care Act 2014

Part of Care Act 2014


This guide provides an overview of key elements to consider in order to ensure any form of care assessment undertaken – for the adult requiring care and support or their carer with support needs – takes full account of the extent of fluctuating needs. It should be read in conjunction with the ‘Care and Support (Assessment) Regulations 2014’ and Chapter 6 of the statutory guidance.

Implementing the Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004

Guide 9

This guide offers quick and easy access to practice knowledge about implementing the Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004. It includes key research findings; ideas from practice; details of relevant legislation, guidance and standards; and links to further information.

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