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    Parental mental health and families: communicating with families

    Part of e-Learning courses

    This e-learning module aims to promote greater confidence in communicating with family members about issues of parental mental health and child welfare. It highlights the importance of communicating sensitively and provides practice examples and communication strategies that can be used to talk to parents about their mental health; to children about their parents' mental health and what that means for them; and to help family members talk to each other.

    Parental mental health and families: managing complexity and leading practice

    Part of e-Learning courses

    This e-learning module aims to help front-line and strategic managers to implement the 'Think Child, think parent, think family' approach. Sections one and two provide front line managers with a range of audit tools to help them gauge the readiness of their staff to implement the ‘Think Family’ guidance. Section three, strategic management, identifies the key drivers needed by strategic managers to target action at a local level , identify the barriers to change and potential solutions.

    Parental mental health and families: working together with parents

    Part of e-Learning courses

    This e-learning module sets out the principles that support partnership working with parents experiencing mental health problems. It considers how to use these principles to help families affected by parents with mental health difficulties to access and use support. It also examines how to use the family model to help balance the needs of the parent with those of the child when making decisions about child care. Individual sections cover: Partnership with parents; Early intervention and access; Exploring parenting issues; and Dealing with complexity.

    Parental mental health and families: think child, think parent and think family

    Part of e-Learning courses

    This e-learning module explores the impact of parental mental illness on all family members. It also aims to develop your understanding of the ways social inequalities and discrimination can affect families where a parent has a mental health problem. Also looks at child development stages and some common diagnoses, interventions and treatments for mental illness. The modules main sections cover: Stigma, discrimination and inequalities; Parents and mental health; Parenting and mental health; and Understanding child development.

    Commissioning for personalisation: Dorset

    Part of Personalisation

    This film for social workers and social care commissioners and staff highlights initiatives funded by Dorset County Council Innovation Fund. The fund provides start-up money for small independent providers to develop a range of services which local people with personal budgets might purchase.

    Prevention: Promoting wellbeing

    Part of Prevention and wellbeing

    This film for health and social care commissioners focuses on services designed to improve or maintain older people’s independence, health and wellbeing. These services are specifically aimed at reducing loneliness in later life.

    Commissioning for personalisation: London

    Part of Personalisation

    This video for social care commissioners looks at two inner London authorities where personalisation has led to a total rethink of commissioning. It highlights how the councils have reformulated their commissioning processes allowing people who use the services to be resources in their own right.

    Results 911 - 920 of 1319

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