Commissioning advocacy under the Care Act: Emerging good practice

This is a briefing for commissioners and providers of independent advocacy under the Care Act. It sets out emerging good practice and summarises the findings of new research from the Universities of Birmingham and Central Lancashire. This briefing builds on and expands SCIE’s Commissioning independent advocacy under the Care Act 2014. The study included surveys of local authorities and advocacy providers. You can view further details of the background and methodology.

Advocacy is rooted in a belief that disabled people should be able to determine what matters to them and the support they need to enjoy a good quality of life. The Care Act includes a new statutory right to independent advocacy for people who fit certain criteria. This new duty is being implemented in the context of reduced local authority budgets, the tightening of eligibility criteria and increasing demographic pressures. 

This resource outlines what emerging practice looks like and how advocacy is being implemented in England.


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