Advocacy: inclusion, empowerment and human rights

Published: October 2014
Updated: March 2015

I think advocacy is something about rights. I think it’s about people knowing what their rights are and having access to that information and the advocate feeling that they have a role in which they’re being heard and have some strength in the wider discussion. People have a right to have their voices heard to the end of their lives.

Co-production workshop participant

This section is informed by SCIE research and the input of people who use services and carers. We’ve also identified some principles of good practice that can enable commissioners to better understand and specify relevant services. It is also intended to give less experienced commissioners a short introduction to advocacy.


Advocacy promotes equality, social justice, social inclusion and human rights. It aims to make things happen in the most direct and empowering ways possible. It recognises that self-advocacy – whereby people, perhaps with encouragement and support, speak out and act on their own behalf. This is the goal which underpins all forms of high quality advocacy, as emphasised in the ‘Advocacy Code of Practice’.


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