Review: Tasks for independent advocacy commissioning

Published: October 2014
Updated: March 2015

Bring together relevant data on activity, finance and outcomes for services, to judge whether they give value for money.

Use measures which enable you to assess uptake and demand for services in real time and to work flexibly with providers to help them respond.

Develop contract monitoring processes that focus on developing relationships with providers. Work in positive partnership with them to improve performance.

Ensure that procurement and contract monitoring activities are proportionate to risk and promote the delivery of outcomes.

Work with providers to understand where performance may be falling short and how they might address any issues.

If necessary, decommission services where they fail to meet outcomes and provide value for money, and where efforts to work in partnership have failed to improve performance.

Decommissioning should be evidence-based with any proposed plans for recommissioning new or different services based on a detailed knowledge of supply and demand and the needs of users.

Seek to continuously improve your commissioning arrangements, reviewing learning to inform all your commissioning activities.

Keep clear and consistent records of the commissioning activities described above. Work with commissioners in other local authorities and national improvement agencies (e.g. SCIE) to benchmark your own performance and keep up with good practice. Discuss and reflect on your commissioning of independent advocacy under the Act with colleagues.


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