What must local authorities do after an eligibility determination for the Care Act 2014?

Whether or not the local authority decides that an adult with care and support needs or a carer with support needs has eligible needs, it must inform the individual of its eligibility determination and the reasons for it. It must also provide the individual with a written record of the determination and reasoning.

If no eligible needs have been identified, the local authority must provide information and advice for the individual on:

See further detail on providing information and advice.

If some but not all of the individual’s needs are eligible, the local authority must:

If the individual has eligible needs, the local authority must:

In all cases, any preventative measures should be considered, regardless of the outcome of the eligibility determination, such as telecare, enablement/reablement.

The local authority should bear in mind that eligibility may change over time due to changing circumstances or needs e.g. moving location, changing general practitioner.

The local authority must establish whether the adult/carer is ordinary resident in its area, and meet eligible needs of those individuals who are ordinary residents.