Establishing and maintaining a support service for all adults/carers under the Care Act

The Care Act requires each local authority to establish and maintain a service for providing people in its area with information and advice relating to care and support for adults and support for carers. This includes all adults in its area – beyond those who have an immediate need for care or support. Chapter 3 of the statutory guidance for the Care Act provides more information on this. Prevention and early intervention are at the heart of the system – if an individual has needs that are not eligible, the local authority must provide information and advice on other preventative services.

The Think Local Act Personal partnership has produced a set of three reports designed to support local areas to improve their provision of information, advice and brokerage for people who need social care.  

Beyond eligibility: Universal and open access support and social care. In 2012, Age UK commissioned a study to better understand councils’ approaches to universal and open access support for older people whose needs do not meet the eligibility threshold for publicly financed adult social care.