Resources - Adult safeguarding: sharing information

British Medical Association Safeguarding vulnerable adults - a tool kit for general practitioners

British Medical Association resources on Vulnerable adults and the disclosure of confidential information

Department of Health Safeguarding Adults: the role of health service practitioners

The Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing

HM Government Information Sharing:  Guidance for Practitioners and Managers

Home Office Information sharing for community safety: guidance and practice advice

Information Commissioner’s Office
The principles of the Data Protection Act
Data sharing code of practice
Data sharing checklists

LGA and ADASS Adult safeguarding and domestic abuse: a guide to support practitioners and managers

Public Concern at Work is a whistleblowing charity that can provide independent and confidential advice to workers who are unsure whether or how to raise a public interest concern.

SCIE Report 50: Safeguarding adults at risk of harm: A legal guide for practitioners (SCIE 2011) Chapter 5, Information sharing and disclosure

Social Care TV: Safeguarding adults: lessons from the murder of Steven Hoskin (SCIE)

Skills for Care Code of conduct for Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers in England


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  • Care Act 2014: Adult safeguarding: sharing information