Co-production throughout the project

Children and young people will be involved throughout the project providing their views, experiences and co-producing the guidance. SCIE’s has a commitment to co-production. With co-production, people’s skills, knowledge and assets are taken into account and used by services to constantly improve.

Children and young people who have direct experience of being looked after, and of current mental health and emotional wellbeing support, are the best people to let the Expert Working Group know which issues matter most from their perspectives. This will ensure that whatever is produced by the project is accessible and useful and will make a practical difference in the future.

There are four young people on the Expert Working Group as full members.

In addition to having experts by experience on the expert working group we have a children's reference group. This consists of children and young people in care and leaving care and has a membership base of 15. The group meet in half terms and school holidays to share their views on emotional wellbeing in addition to feeding back on the Expert Working Group's recommendations. See their messages on mental health.

We will also be holding a Young People's Engagment day on the April 11th and our anticipating 50 young people to attend.

If you would like to learn more about the project or have a young person you would like to refer please get in touch with Andrew.

Looked after children and mental health: The post-it note project

SCIE’s project on improving mental health support for young people in care sees co-production at the centre of activity. Part of the big co-production push has been to capture young people’s ideas that have been written on post-it notes. They’ve been telling us about what’s important to them when it comes to emotional wellbeing and mental health.