Outputs and outcomes from the review: Quality Markers

The report

The report clearly identifies the analysis and findings of the SCR that are key to making improvements, while keeping details of the family to a minimum. Findings reflect the explanations for professional practice that the analysis has evidenced.

Improvement action

Robust, informed discussion by agencies underpins agreements about what action should be taken in response to the SCR report.

Board written response

The LSCB agrees a written response ready for publication that explains, clearly and succinctly, what action should be taken in response to the SCR report.


Decisions about whether when and how to publish the SCR report and response, are made with sensitive consideration of the impact.

Implementation and evaluation

The LSCB integrates the learning from the SCR and its decisions about how it is going to respond into its business plan and monitors actions to test whether improvements in services are being made.


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  • Overview: Serious Case Review Quality Markers
  • Full report: Serious Case Review Quality Markers