Evaluate the impact and implementation of care and health practice and policy

SCIE’s evaluation services help care and health commissioners, providers and policy makers to demonstrate how they are implementing policy and the impact it has on practice and outcomes.

Increased local accountability, growing numbers of self-funders, reduced budgets and high levels of public scrutiny mean resource allocation has never been more challenging. Robust evaluation can help care providers and commissioners to test the impact and cost-effectiveness of their activities and support decision making.

We very much welcome the honesty, clarity and accuracy of this evaluation of our Care Act implementation work. I would encourage other authorities to consider this type of approach to getting an informed external view of their service areas and believe SCIE provided this in an objective and professional way.

Alan Lotinga, Service Director, Health and Wellbeing, Birmingham City Council

Evaluation services

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Evaluation clients

We provide evaluation services to a wide range of clients including local authorities, care providers, national agencies, government departments, foundation trusts, research agencies and universities. Some of our evaluation clients are outlined below.