Evaluation of the new care models vanguards

Evaluation of process, impact and efficiency of vanguard sites from SQW and SCIE

SCIE and SQW have come together to provide vanguard sites with expert evaluation support. Our focus is on building an understanding of what works, why and to what effect across the new models of care.

We support vanguards evaluation of:

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SCIE and SQW offer a wide complement of experience and skills to support the vanguards to undertake timely and dynamic local evaluation. This includes:

New care models clients

About SQW

SQW is a leading independent provider of research, analysis and advice in economic and social development. SQW has extensive experience of undertaking complex research projects involving multiple strands of primary and secondary research and multiple types of analysis.

About SCIE

SCIE is the leading social care improvement organisation and charity in the UK. SCIE provides evidence and practical support in the sector, and places emphasis on coproduction and service user engagement. We work across health and social care and have a strong understanding of what works and have deep expertise in multi-method policy and programme evaluations; literature reviews, best practice searches, stakeholder interviews, facilitation of workshops and co-production with service users and carers.

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