Webinar: Successful multi-disciplinary teams. Findings and practical insights

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Multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs) are central to achieving the vision of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs). They can provide an opportunity for professionals from across health and social care to come together around the needs of individuals and communities. To work well, though, an MDT needs to be well planned, facilitated and supported. This webinar shares findings and practical insights on what leads to a successful MDT, from research and the experience of local areas who have sought to be innovative in their approach.

The event is a collaboration between the Social Care Institute for Excellence, the Improvement Analytics Unit (a partnership between NHS England and the Health Foundation), and the University of Birmingham.

This webinar offers an opportunity to hear about and discuss aspects of MDTs such as:

Speakers include:

Successful multi-disciplinary teams. Findings and practical insights

Wednesday 08 March 2023, 11:30

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