Delayed transfers of care

Signposting resource

Published: March 2016

The Better Care Fund (BCF) supports the integration of health and care in order to deliver more person-centred, coordinated care.

The transfer of care – from hospital to home, or between any other part of the system – represents major pinch points where services and processes often struggle to be truly integrated around the needs of individuals. The Better Care Fund is being used to drive system-wide integration, including improving local areas’ approaches to managing delayed transfers of care (DTOC).

The 2016/17 Better Care Fund Policy Framework and the 2016/17 Better Care Fund Plan requirements now include a new national condition which requires local areas to:

There are several national, regional and local initiatives related to reducing avoidable hospital admissions and delayed transfers of care (DTOC) out of hospital. This short document complements that work and signposts planners to useful information to help them with those action plans.

In particular, it can help Better Care Fund leads to meet the new 2016/17 Better Care Fund Plan Requirements regarding DTOCs.

It takes a person-centred, whole-systems approach and includes:

The resource is based on a review of existing literature and guidance and consultation across the health and care system, including people who use services and carers .