Integration Scorecard 2020

The Government will pilot an Integration Scorecard to help local areas to measure progress towards integrated health and social care by 2020 - an ambition set out in the Spending Review 2015.

The Government will require local areas to set out how they expect to progress to further integration by 2020 in their Better Care Fund 2017-19 returns.

SCIE is supporting the Department of Health with the development of the Integration Scorecard through research and consultation.

Better Care Fund Graduation

The Spending Review 2015 also set out that “areas will be able to graduate from the existing Better Care Fund programme management once they can demonstrate that they have moved beyond its requirements.”

It is the Government’s ambition that all areas will be able to work towards graduation from the Better Care Fund to be more fully integrated by 2020, with areas approved in waves as they demonstrate maturity and progress towards greater integration.

These areas can apply for ‘earned autonomy’ from the Better Care Fund programme management. Graduation will mean that the Government will have a different relationship with these local areas; with reduced planning and reporting requirements and greater local freedoms to develop agreements appropriate to a more mature system of health and social care integration.

The Government is planning to test the graduation process with a small number of areas (6 to 10) in the first instance, in order to develop criteria for graduation for all areas.

Better Care Fund graduates will be at the forefront of demonstrating how integration of health and care is becoming a reality by 2020.

Integration Scorecard

To help areas understand whether they are meeting the integration ambition, the Government will develop an Integration Scorecard for assessing progress. This will build on learning from the “first wave” Better Care Fund graduates and combine outcome metrics, financial performance, user experience and process measures.

Developing the Integration Scorecard

SCIE is helping the Department of Health to develop the evidence on what good integration looks like, and how progress could be measured in a meaningful and effective way.

On the Government’s behalf, SCIE tested a draft integration standard with stakeholders. SCIE found that the standard identified helpful integration activities such as risk stratification and multi-disciplinary community teams, but was process-focussed and did not tell the whole integration story. The Government wants to bring elements of the standard into the wider Integration Scorecard.

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If you have thoughts on what to include in the Integration Scorecard, please email the Department of Health at