Understanding mental capacity assessments

Information pack for users and carers

Easy read factsheets

  1. mental capacity: all about making decisions
  2. Mental Capacity Act: what the law says about decisions
  3. having a mental capacity assessment: what happens in an assessment and what help you can get
  4. best interests: what happens if you cannot make a decision for yourself
  5. useful communication tools: resources for supporting communication and helping people be involved in decisions about their life


The flowcharts show how a mental capacity assessment fits into an important decision.

They show how the results of the assessment make it clear who needs to make the decision.


Videos from the information pack

Too early to tell: Peter needs to decide about a hip operation

This film shows how capacity can be different at different times.

Jane’s story: Jane need to move house

This film shows what happens when an assessment shows someone does not have capacity and a best interests decision must be made. It shows how an IMCA and others can help them be involved in a decision about their life.

Joe’s story: Joe needs to move house

This film shows the different ways someone can show they have capacity to make an important decision.

A hard choice

This film shows a support worker preparing someone for a mental capacity assessment.